Apr 20.2016

The story behind the eyelet

Have you ever noticed that all our creations have a small eyelet on the back? It is one of our brand identity symbols and it’s related to the idea of how to communicate a concept. I read one day that when communicating a concept you should allow people to walk through a path in order to complete the message that you are conveying. You should provide a seed that will then grow up and blossom in their minds. You should suggest what’s happening but to further describe it is to destroy it.

In that sense, I was always fantasizing that when people would come across the eyelet on the street, they would notice it and it would catch their attention. And when, in another time and place, they would see it again they would ask themselves what kind of brand is it that prefers to use a symbol instead of a name or a logo that comes easier to remember. I believe brands need time to establish. We are always saying that you should let out the kid you have inside, and when you try on a Costalamel tee, this eyelet is the small passage through which we let this kid come out.



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