Beautiful Conflicted Contradictions

is born from the idea that no one wants to get old but no one wants to die young. This beautiful and unreasonable contradiction leads us to think about how we can be an idealistic and romantic kid, although life threatens you to live in an adult and broken world.



We’ve put it into words with the following manifesto:

Love kills
faster than

Time is,
at the same time,
the healer
and the killer.

Roses have thorns.
Cracks are bright.

Scars are
raw moving
life stories.

No one wants
to get old
but no one
to die young.

We’re all

We’re the kids
who survived

That’s our
everyday struggle.






With this collection we empower the brand’s style based on beauty of contradictions.

On the one hand a relaxed, natural, unkempt, spontaneous and rebellious aesthetics. Reinforced with a photography that seeks blur, accident and naturalness: the imperfect, unfinished and open work.
On the other hand, in graphics: simplicity, minimalism, black and white, order and harmony: the finished, completed and closed work.

The merge of these two Worlds so disparate, the beauty of these contradictions, is what creates the authenticity of costalamel.costalamel_concept-fw17 collection

As an usual thing within the brand’s methodology, several inspirational threads were put together when defining the core of the collection. The contrast of the opposites comes out throughout the whole project; distant concepts like the libertarian and revolutionary punk attitude, a bit from the independent, trashy and romantic 90s cinema, mixed up in a bizarre way with old Japanese art, detailed application of the retro minimalism or the anti-authoritarian messages against misogynist and backward Trump politics. The eclecticism - always so present in Barcelona - used as an emblem to create Beautiful Conflicted Contradictions.


costalamel-fw17 conceptcostalamel-fw17 conceptcostalamel-fw17 concept

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